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Leioproctus (Andrenopsis) wilsoni

A plaster bee

For eighty years the species was known only from a single male specimen found in Bogong High Plains, Victoria in January 1928. Finally, a colony was found in mid-western NSW in 2009, but no other population has been discovered to date. The species has features that suggest it prefers pea flowers and it seems to be active between November and early January.

A related species, Leioproctus (Andrenopsis) douglasiellus, is on the Australian List of Threatened Species under the EPBC Act. It is also active in summer, but specialises in visiting flowers in the Goodeniaceae family.

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Leioproctus (Andrenopsis) wilsoni (A plaster bee) at Bruce, ACT - 2 Nov 2021 by Roger
Leioproctus (Andrenopsis) wilsoni (A plaster bee) at Bruce, ACT - 2 Nov 2021 by Roger

Species information

  • Leioproctus (Andrenopsis) wilsoni Scientific name
  • A plaster bee Common name
  • Sensitive
  • Rare or uncommon Native
  • Non-Invasive
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