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Unidentified at suppressed - 27 Jan 2024
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Calliteara (genus) 10 Feb 2024 ibaird
Calliteara farenoides 10 Feb 2024 ibaird
Unidentified 28 Jan 2024 arjay

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donhe wrote:
   29 Jan 2024
Stericta bryomima ?
ibaird wrote:
   10 Feb 2024
Calliteara farenoides female?
ibaird wrote:
   10 Feb 2024
A species widespread in eastern Australia (Qld, NSW, Vic).
A new species for NatureMapr's Canberra and Southern Highlands region if confimed.
Nice photo.
DianneClarke wrote:
   10 Feb 2024
I lean towards Calliteara pura. Can't see some of the markings associated with C. farenoides. BOLD has C.f as Qld and C.p as more widespread.
ibaird wrote:
   10 Feb 2024
OK, C. pura may be a better choice, but likely to be Calliteara (genus) I think. I was basing my judgment on the spread of C. farenoides sightings on the ALA. I'm not sure the BOLD records necessarily are a represenattive sample of the geographic spread in every case.
DianneClarke wrote:
   10 Feb 2024
I also checked for RG sightings on iNat - one unconfirmed observation just south of NSW Qld border. Calliteara also have more feathering on the front legs.

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  • 27 Jan 2024 04:57 PM Recorded on
  • arjay Recorded by

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