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Hierochloe rariflora

1 Cane Holy Grass at suppressed

Hierochloe rariflora at suppressed - 8 Aug 2023
Hierochloe rariflora at suppressed - 8 Aug 2023
Hierochloe rariflora at suppressed - 8 Aug 2023
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Identification history

Hierochloe rariflora 13 Sep 2023 Tapirlord
Rytidosperma pallidum 10 Sep 2023 CarbonAI
Unidentified 9 Sep 2023 arjay

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Significant sighting

Tapirlord noted:
13 Sep 2023

Although not uncommon in tall forest and wet gullies along the coast, this species is quite uncommon up on the tablelands. Hence this is a good find as the first CNM sighting of this species.


MattM wrote:
   10 Sep 2023
Do you have any other photos of this plant? It's a bit difficult to make out the features. First thoughts are maybe a Poa or even a Bolboschoenus or Fimbristylis.
arjay wrote:
   10 Sep 2023
I have added some details from the same photos. I don't much like any of your suggestions. I suppose it might be a Poa but it isn't like any other I have seen. Not the other two suggestions if images online are anything to go by.
The flower itself was quite large (about 5 mm long).
arjay wrote:
   10 Sep 2023
May be a wallaby grass but I don't think the one AI is suggesting. The plant itself is also quite tall (relatively speaking).
Tapirlord wrote:
   11 Sep 2023
Fimbristylis crossed my mind as well, but I think this likely a grass. Just unsure which. I don't it is Rytidosperma, they are quite distinctive.
arjay wrote:
   11 Sep 2023
What about Hierochloe rariflora
Tapirlord wrote:
   11 Sep 2023
That's an excellent suggestion, it should be in this type of forest just on the edge of the coastal escarpment. We'll need to add it to the list.
MattM wrote:
   11 Sep 2023
That seems like a good suggestion. Not a species I had heard of before.

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Species information

  • Hierochloe rariflora Scientific name
  • Cane Holy Grass Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 8 Aug 2023 03:54 PM Recorded on
  • arjay Recorded by

Additional information

  • 30cm to 1 metre Plant height
  • True In flower

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