Egernia cunninghami

Cunningham's Skink at Rendezvous Creek, ACT

Egernia cunninghami at Rendezvous Creek, ACT - 27 Dec 2022
Egernia cunninghami at Rendezvous Creek, ACT - 27 Dec 2022
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Egernia cunninghami 28 Dec 2022 wombey
Egernia cunninghami 28 Dec 2022 KorinneM

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On the walking track.


wombey wrote:
   28 Dec 2022
While I had no difficulty with this id, I should point out that it is sometimes helpful if you can reduce the shadowing before you post the image as we can't do it after the image is posted. I use Photoshop but I understand Snapseed is a good one for mobile phone images. Something that might be helpful in the future.
Cheers John
KorinneM wrote:
   28 Dec 2022
Hi @wombey thanks for the suggestion. I was questioning how much I should try to do that in regards to altering colours etc. This is from my proper camera and I have edited on my computer. I will keep in mind for future postings.

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  • 2 Abundance
  • 27 Dec 2022 04:38 PM Recorded on
  • KorinneM Recorded by

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