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Peramelidae (family)

2 Unidentified Bandicoot at Cotter River, ACT

Peramelidae (family) at Cotter River, ACT - 21 Aug 2022
Peramelidae (family) at Cotter River, ACT - 21 Aug 2022
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Identification history

Peramelidae (family) 31 Aug 2022 DonFletcher
Perameles nasuta 31 Aug 2022 LukeMcElhinney

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Significant sighting

1 Sep 2022

New recorded bandicoot location, all species are at least uncommon in the ACT. Nearest other recorded location is NE of Bendora arboretum


   31 Aug 2022
Hi Luke
I have confirmed as a bandicoot and very likely it was a LNB, but that photo does not enable species to be identified eg could be SBB (Isoodon obesulus) which also has been recorded in ACT, or stretching it a bit, even EBB which probably once occurred in grasslands in this general area of NSW and is still present in Victoria. In fact some people would even question whether I can confirm 'bandicoot' except your 2nd photo is immensely helpful in that regard. On CNM I cant zoom in to pics so if you could enlarge the animal part and add it as a 3rd photo, that would be great! I think this might be tagged as a significant sighting.
   31 Aug 2022
Hi Don
I am in the field now so will have to post a zoomed in pic later

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 21 Aug 2022 11:55 AM Recorded on
  • LukeMcElhinney Recorded by

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