Egernia saxatilis

2 Black Rock Skink at Tennent, ACT

Egernia saxatilis at Tennent, ACT - 30 Nov 2021
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Egernia saxatilis 30 Nov 2021 WillO
Egernia saxatilis 30 Nov 2021 BrianH

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WillO wrote:
   30 Nov 2021
A good record from the burnt rocky landscape along the square rock trail. Did you see other reptile species here?
BrianH wrote:
   1 Dec 2021
G'day Will, we also saw a little dragon (Rankinia I think), another saxatilis and lots of skinks (Pseudemoia and maybe some Lampropholis. I'll put the dragon and the other saxatilis on CNM - didn't get photos of the others. Also another member of the group saw what she thought was a Cunningham's skink within about 500 m from the carpark. Much of the area around the Square Rock Trail was burnt in a low-intensity hazard reduction burn in April 2019, which probably moderated the severity of the Orroral fire in this area.

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  • 30 Nov 2021 01:25 PM Recorded on
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