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Oxycanus beltista

1 A Swift or Ghost Moth at suppressed

Oxycanus beltista at suppressed - 3 May 2021
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Identification history

Oxycanus beltista 4 May 2021 ibaird
Oxycanus beltista 3 May 2021 donhe
Oxycanus sp. (genus) 3 May 2021 ibaird
Unidentified 3 May 2021 HelenCross

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ibaird wrote:
   3 May 2021
Possibly O. beltista?
HelenCross wrote:
   3 May 2021
Thanks Ian, my daughter found and photographed it. She's also got a blurry video but I'll ask her if it's still there.
HelenCross wrote:
   3 May 2021
Would they be the eggs behind it?
ibaird wrote:
   3 May 2021
OK, would be interested to see other photos (i.e stills) , including shots of hindwings and abdomen, if possible. probably eggs, yes, antennae suggest a female.
HelenCross wrote:
   3 May 2021
She doesn't have any other photos and it appears to be gone unfortunately. I'll have to train her better :)
donhe wrote:
   4 May 2021
Hi Helen, I have taken the liberty of including copies of your daughter's photo in
I hope you and your daughter approve?
May I add your daughter's name to the credit?
HelenCross wrote:
   4 May 2021
Sure Don :) her name is Zoe Cross

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Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 3 May 2021 08:54 AM Recorded on
  • HelenCross Recorded by

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  • 12mm to 25mm Animal size

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  • More than one media file
  • Confirmed by an expert moderator
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