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Eriochilus magenteus

6 Magenta autumn orchid at Namadgi National Park

Eriochilus magenteus at Namadgi National Park - 27 Feb 2021
Eriochilus magenteus at Namadgi National Park - 27 Feb 2021
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Identification history

Eriochilus magenteus 11 Mar 2021 TobiasHayashi
Eriochilus cucullatus 28 Feb 2021 DerekC
Eriochilus magenteus 27 Feb 2021 JasonC

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MattM wrote:
   28 Feb 2021
This one could well be E. magenteus due to its pink colouring and being found at a higher elevation. Unfortunately they are virtually impossible to split from E. cucullatus as there is overlap in colour, and distribution too.
DerekC wrote:
   28 Feb 2021
Rather than the pink colour I had considered the labellum colour and the base not appearing erect as may possibly be anticipated. While it does not eliminate it being E. magenteus there were also E. cucullatus flowering nearby (see below). Some of which are also pink.
This one is a deep pink I agree and yes could be E. magenteus.
   11 Mar 2021
I agree with Matt I'm not aware of a reliable way to distinguish the two but given the deep pink colour and mountain distribution I think it makes sense to call this one magenteus.

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 27 Feb 2021 12:29 PM Recorded on
  • JasonC Recorded by

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