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Carinascincus coventryi

1 Coventry’s Skink at Namadgi National Park

Carinascincus coventryi at Namadgi National Park - 27 Apr 2019
Carinascincus coventryi at Namadgi National Park - 27 Apr 2019
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Identification history

Carinascincus coventryi 26 Jul 2019 wombey
Carinascincus coventryi 25 Jul 2019 BrianHerps

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Author's notes

individual found basking **Now Carinascincus


wombey wrote:
   26 Jul 2019
As you had it in your hand it would have been helpful for a better shot of the top of the head. Will is more familiar with this species and I would like to hear his view?
WillO wrote:
   27 Jul 2019
Well done getting the photograph. This looks very like N. coventryi (yes the genus name has changed and should be updated in CNM - I will recommend that). The broad dark band on the side of the head extending well back on the body is a little unusual but i have seen similar individuals. It is a small individual but that is in fact the adult size. We should be able to see undivided frontoparietals but as John noted no photo looking down on head shields. I see that you found it some where between Fishing Gap and the Cotter river. Before i sign off on it - can you give me an approximate elevation for the site (or more simply was it high on the Tidbinbilla Range or low down the spur closer to the Cotter River?). If you know the forest type that would be helpful as well.
   27 Jul 2019
Will, is this now called Carinascincus coventryi? GR
   27 Jul 2019
Will, is this now called Carinascincus coventryi? GR
   27 Jul 2019
Will, is this now called Carinascincus coventryi? GR
WillO wrote:
   28 Jul 2019
Hi Geoff - thanks for the three messages! Yes the name Carinascincus coventryi has been accepted by Cogger (it was right back in the 2014 edition of his book). I will send you, John and Michael an email early next week updating you with some other changes which you may or may not have caught up with (including the new names for two grassland earless dragons (Canberra and Cooma), and the skinks Ctenotus (spaldingi replaces robustus) and Hemiergis (now H. talbingoensis). As you know, we have to take great care in accepting new names as some can be raised in an unsupported or inappropriate manner that does not meet the accepted international rules for zoological nomenclature (e.g. In my view Hal Coggers's identification book Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia (and the working list and updates that he puts in the book) is the most reliable and authoritative guide. Will.
BrianHerps wrote:
   30 Jul 2019
Hey, Will. A few more suggested updates: (all in Cogger) Suta no longer encompasses Dwyres snakes and little whip snakes. They are now Parasuta. McCoy's skink, (previously Nannoscincus) is now Anepischetosia.also lastly, Rhamphotyphlops is now anilios.
Cheers, Brian.
WillO wrote:
   31 Jul 2019
Thank BrianHerps. We will try to update all the names this week when each of the moderators has had a chance to consider them. Cheers, Will

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 27 Apr 2019 12:00 AM Recorded on
  • BrianHerps Recorded by

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