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Teeth on underside



The fruitbody of a fungus in this sub-group has teeth or spines on the underside. The teeth or spines are of uniform size and shape. If you see teeth of varied shapes check the pored/maze-like species of the previous sub-group (https://canberra.naturemapr.org/Community/Categories/Guide/1715).


Probably most commonly seen are the leathery, cream to brownish brackets of the genus Steccherinum (which differs microscopically from Stecchericium, net yet reported from the Canberra Nature Map region).


The fruitbodies of Pseudohydnum, grey on top and with white teeth below, have a jelly-like consistency.



In dry conditions Pseudohydnum fruitbodies may lose their jelly-like nature and feel quite firm.


Sometimes you may need to use a magnifying glass or handlens to check whether you have a fruitbody with densely-packed teeth or one with tiny pores.


No species currently exist here.

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