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Other worms


This category covers Other worms, such as the following:

Roundworms (phylum Nematoda):

Ribbonworms (phylum Nemertea). Most Ribbonworms are marine animals and may not be reported here.

Also any other worms may be included here.


2 species

Nematode sp. (phylum) (Unidentified roundworm)

Nematode sp. (phylum)
Nematode sp. (phylum)

Nematomorpha (phylum) (Horsehair or Gordian worm)

Nematomorpha (phylum)
Nematomorpha (phylum)
Nematomorpha (phylum)
Nematomorpha (phylum)
Nematomorpha (phylum)
Nematomorpha (phylum)

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