Priority Species List improvements

Posted by AaronClausen

 23 Nov 2023

Hi Everyone,

We've just rolled out several improvements to priority species list functionality.

Priority species lists are lists of species of particular ecological importance that government, ecologists or researchers want to know about.

Priority species lists can be both national (all regions) or local (relevant to a particular region only).

Sightings of priority species now displayed

These priority lists now have a new section where any sightings of species in those lists show up directly underneath the list.

Sightings will be added to any priority lists that they contribute to following successful confirmation.

You can now toggle between the species in the priority list and the actual sightings that contribute to the list.

Partner organisation logo displayed

We now display and promote the logo of the partner organisations that are actively encouraging you to report the priority species they need to know about.

I want to thank them for their leadership in this space and for working closely and transparently with the NatureMapr community.

User impact notifications

Whenever you report a sighting of a species that is included in a priority species list, you will now receive an alert notifying you of the impact you have made.

Priority species lists now displayed on sighting page

The priority species lists that a sighting belongs to are now displayed directly on the sighting's details page.

Integration with ArcGIS Online + Field Maps

For government and council, information from priority lists can now be integrated seamlessly with ArcGIS Online + Field Maps, thanks to the leadership and innovation in this space by Steve Taylor, Manager ACT Government Invasive Plants and Pests team. A number of people have contributed the development of this integration within ACT Government and it is a very clever accomplishment.

Steve has pulled together a handy guide for any organisations that are interested in setting up similar integration for invasive or threatened species management in their local area.

We can now help set this up for local, state or commonwealth government anywhere across Australia. Please contact us.

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michaelb wrote:
   27 Nov 2023
Hi Aaron & @DCCEEW . Most of the 110 species on the list "Threatened Species Action Plan 2022-2032 Priority Species" don't occur on CNM, yet all are listed. Can we remove the irrelevant ones from the CNM list so it is more practical and useful to the local region? The full 110 species would best only shown on the national page.

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