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Galaxias tantangarra

Stocky Galaxias


Galaxias tantangarra (Stocky Galaxias)


Family: Galaxidae (Galaxiid)


Status: Native, NSW critically endangered.


Size: Small fish; grows to 103mm long and 13g in weight, but is more commonly 75-85 mm long.


Description: Virtually indistinguishable visually from Mountain galaxies (G. olidus). Body is predominantly dark olive-brown on the back and upper sides above the lateral line, becoming lighter to cream ventrally. Individuals possess many dark brown to almost black spots and flecks that may vary in size, found along the body, head and snout. The fins are translucent dusky grey and the gill covers are translucent. It has a long anal fin, short nostrils and an upper jaw that is slightly longer than the lower jaw.

Location: Stocky Galaxies is a recently described species (Raadik 2014) and is name ‘tantangara’ comes from its only known location the small alpine stream draining from Mount Tantangara.

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Species information

  • Galaxias tantangarra Scientific name
  • Stocky Galaxias Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Very Rare / Threatened
  • Non-Invasive
  • Machine learning

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