Doodia australis

Rasp Fern at Acton, ACT

Doodia australis at Acton, ACT - 3 May 2014
Doodia australis at Acton, ACT - 3 May 2014
Doodia australis at Acton, ACT - 3 May 2014
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Identification history

Doodia australis 5 Jun 2014 AaronClausen
Blechnum minus 29 May 2014 RWPurdie
Unidentified 3 May 2014 AaronClausen

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AaronClausen wrote:
   6 Jun 2014
Rosemary - a big thanks for this candidate ID. This one has been in the Unidentified bucket for quite some time. I was puzzled by the pink stems. Upon researching Doodia Australis, this now seems to be an accurate match to me, given the photo is not the best, but the edge of the fronds are spot on with trusted images from a range of online resources. Cheers
AaronClausen wrote:
   6 Jun 2014
David - any thoughts on this ID and/or species in general in the ACT?
dcnicholls wrote:
   6 Jun 2014
This is interesting. Based solely on the photo, I can't confirm the Doodia ID. If it's correct, it's probably a new wild find in the ACT. The pinnae look a lot more like Hypolepis rugosula (which I strongly suspect) . The red stipe is obviously diagnostic. A more complete photo and/or spore arrangement would be really important.
dcnicholls wrote:
   6 Jun 2014
That said, the other photos do look like the Doodia form. More (expert) ID work *defintiely* required here.
RWPurdie wrote:
   7 Jun 2014
It's definitely not Hypolepis. The sori on the old fronds were oblong, each had an obvious indusium on one side, and the sori were aligned parallel to the mid-rib in a single row on either side. I keyed out the dead fertile material in the Flora of Australia fern volume, and will collect a specimen (I have a collecting permit) if/when the live fronds become fertile. I actually wonder whether both this record of Doodia and the Cyathea plants present nearby are in fact introductions to Black Mountain?? It would have been a pretty dry location prior to Black Mountain Drive and Telstra Tower going in!
dcnicholls wrote:
   7 Jun 2014
It's quite possible that the source are spores from the ANBG, although the C. australis in the Mt Ainslie quarry back in the 1970s probably came from the Brindabellas, or maybe even the coast. The red stipes on the D. australis plant are interesting. Flora Australis doesn't mention stipe colour, though it may be a feature of young fronds. Definitely worth taking further,

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  • Doodia australis Scientific name
  • Rasp Fern Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local native
  • Non-Invasive
  • 771.52m Recorded at altitude
  • Machine learning
  • Synonyms

    Blechnum parrisiae

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