Erigeron karvinskianus

Seaside Daisy at Mount Majura

Erigeron karvinskianus at Mount Majura - 15 May 2024
Erigeron karvinskianus at Mount Majura - 15 May 2024
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Erigeron karvinskianus 15 May 2024 MichaelMulvaney
Erigeron karvinskianus 15 May 2024 abread111

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a patch by the roadside track


waltraud wrote:
   15 May 2024
What would be the best action? unfortunately there are lots of garden escapes behind Mackenzie Street.
abread111 wrote:
   15 May 2024
Another Sunday working bee in this area for Cootamundra wattles, grevilleas and get rangers to do or organise some spraying for Vinca and violets, also Red Valerian and Pampas Lily of the Valley.
waltraud wrote:
   15 May 2024
Are you kidding?
abread111 wrote:
   15 May 2024
Vinca got a mention in the Landscape Improvement Implemantation Plan...
waltraud wrote:
   16 May 2024, I mapped Vinca for more than a decade from the horse holding paddocks in the north to Kellaway Street car park in the south using Garmin, Collector, Field Maps, creating maps with my previous software ArcView, Google Earth etc; I took photos recorded on CNM etc; I did treatment trials spraying with various herbicide and found Starane works best - see for instance Vinca major (Blue Periwinkle); I gps-ed and mapped the garden waste dumping sites particularly behind Mackenzie Street; I contacted the land manager PCS with all the information and mapping and documentation and findings and results of my trials and never got any feedback in the past 2 decades. Finally I gave up. It is great that Vinca is mentioned in the Landscape Improvement Plan and it would be even better if something is done about it. But I consider it a waste of taxpayers money if the source of invasion - particularly the dumping of garden waste - is not tackled. Government in its wisdom to save tax payers money discontinued all education and FoMM members were told that PCS is not responsible for managing garden waste dumping in the reserve (or garden extensions).

cc MichaelMulvaney

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  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 15 May 2024 01:13 PM Recorded on
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