Galenia pubescens

Carpet Weed at Watson, ACT

Galenia pubescens at Watson, ACT - 23 Mar 2024
Galenia pubescens at Watson, ACT - 23 Mar 2024
Galenia pubescens at Watson, ACT - 23 Mar 2024
Galenia pubescens at Watson, ACT - 23 Mar 2024
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Galenia pubescens 24 Mar 2024 Tapirlord
Unidentified 23 Mar 2024 MAX

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Significant sighting

abread111 noted:

20 May 2024

First list on CNM for this species which is recognised as an invasive weed in other states. It has been sighted once previously, also in Watson.

User's notes

Prostrate, groundcover Herbaceous plant, Google ID Suggests a species of "Galenia". Growing in semishade, alongside Federal Highway track, Watson. Similar in growth form to perhaps a thyme / origanum / marjoram .Leaves about 1cm long by 0.5cm wide. Distinctive White 5 petal flowers . About 0.5cm diameter. Stem and back of leaves slightly furry. Probably a weed species ?.


abread111 wrote:
   23 Mar 2024
@MAX looks like Galenia pubescens, a weed as you guessed.
Please take a sample including root and get it to the Herbarium, as it is not on the ACT Census.
@Tapirlord can you add it to the global species list please?
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MAX wrote:
   23 Mar 2024
OK, Will do, can pass the Sample to you this coming Monday. Regards Max.
Tapirlord wrote:
   24 Mar 2024

Barb, no need to tag me in plant sightings, means I don't end up getting the mod alerts and makes harder for me to find stuff. I presume this has come from imported soil, or an inappropriate planting? Can't imagine it spreading by seed.
abread111 wrote:
   24 Mar 2024
Ok I won't do the tag bit in future.
"Galenia reproduces by seed. Most dispersal of seed occurs by wind, water, birds and livestock. Movement of contaminated soil by vehicles and equipment can also contribute to its spread."
ALA shows dense sightings in the Hunter Valley and around Melbourne and Adelaide, quite a bit between Finley and Deniliquin, a couple of sightings on the Hume, etc. Its probably a wonder we have not found it here previously.
All the internet references are in the context of a weed, so I don't think anyone planted it.
Tapirlord wrote:
   24 Mar 2024
Ahh ok, well apparently I need to read more! Looks like this will be spread from seed
MAX wrote:
   24 Mar 2024
OK, After Taking Sample, Shall I Remove rest of these Weed plants ? So it doesn't spread Further ?
abread111 wrote:
   24 Mar 2024
good idea, Max!
abread111 wrote:
   20 May 2024
Helen Kennedy, botanist at the Herbarium, "can confirm that Galenia pubescens is the best ID for your specimen."

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  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 23 Mar 2024 05:30 PM Recorded on
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  • True In flower

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