Crabronidae (family)

Sand wasp at Murrumbateman, NSW

Crabronidae (family) at Murrumbateman, NSW - 13 Nov 2023
Crabronidae (family) at Murrumbateman, NSW - 13 Nov 2023
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Crabronidae (family) 13 Nov 2023 SimoneC
Apocrita (suborder) 13 Nov 2023 michael.batley
Tetragonula carbonaria 13 Nov 2023 amiessmacro

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   13 Nov 2023
Alas, stingless bees need much larger cavities to house their large colonies. I think I can see a notch in the inner margin of the eye which bees do not have (except for one brightly coloured species).
amiessmacro wrote:
   13 Nov 2023
Thank you @michael.batley :) they were quite small on par with leaf cutter bee size

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  • 2 Abundance
  • 13 Nov 2023 06:10 PM Recorded on
  • amiessmacro Recorded by

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