Vombatus ursinus

Common wombat, Bare-nosed Wombat at Hackett, ACT

Vombatus ursinus at Hackett, ACT - 23 Jun 2023
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Vombatus ursinus 23 Jun 2023 CarbonAI
Vombatus ursinus 23 Jun 2023 waltraud

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   23 Jun 2023
Funny stuff. I wonder if the artist would be pleased to know that their image was good enough for a robot to identify it accurately when compared to other photos of the real thing?
waltraud wrote:
   24 Jun 2023
Amazing thanks for this info Matthew.
DonFletcher wrote:
   24 Jun 2023
This is an artwork but CNM has no facility to recognise artistic merit. What is a moderator to do? If we are serious about wildlife recording it can't be confirmed as a wombat but if a moderator presses 'undo' it will disappear presumably. I'm just leaving it here for now because it is amusing and interesting.
DonFletcher wrote:
   24 Jun 2023
This could be an accidental stroke of genius for conservation, staring us in the face! What a great tool for protecting areas from development! Paint a troop of Bonobos or a Humpback Whale or a tribe of indigenous hunter-gatherers on something in the area and photograph it, and get the photo registered in NaturMapr. Voila! The Mt Majura Whale Sanctuary is preserved! The Blewitt's Block Indigenous Protected Area is closed to all access (except for research sociologists studying primitive blow-pipe wielding societies), and so on.
waltraud wrote:
   24 Jun 2023
thanks for the ideas, Don; the wombat art work brightened my day not much else to brighten days nowadays but I will remove it (reluctantly).
DonFletcher wrote:
   24 Jun 2023
Waltraud, if you remove it, then make sure you wash off the paint stripper afterward.
Are you thinking of replacing it with a whale or a band of Bonobos?

I think you could leave it,- the CNM post as well as the artwork
waltraud wrote:
   24 Jun 2023
Misunderstanding Don, I surely don't remove the artwork - I comment IconWater for permission to put it on and would love to find out the artist. So, if you as the CNM mammal moderator are okay to leave it on CNM I would not remove the record. I don't think there's a danger of overcrowding CNM with artwork; a bit of fun won't undermine the citizen science project.

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  • 23 Jun 2023 07:23 AM Recorded on
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