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Catamola xanthomelalis


Catamola xanthomelalis at suppressed - 5 Mar 2023
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Identification history

Catamola xanthomelalis 8 Mar 2023 ibaird
Catamola xanthomelalis 8 Mar 2023 donhe
Scoparia exhibitalis 6 Mar 2023 donhe
Oenogenes fugalis 6 Mar 2023 donhe
Unidentified 6 Mar 2023 arjay

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ibaird wrote:
   6 Mar 2023
I'm not convinced ita O. fugalis. Lacks the jagged markings, concave costa and outer forewing edge pattern
ibaird wrote:
   6 Mar 2023
Catamola xanthomelalis?
donhe wrote:
   7 Mar 2023
Catamola xanthomelalis at
shows no white lines
ibaird wrote:
   7 Mar 2023
See D. Hobern's image:-
Photogrphs from life often look different to set specimens. I think the overall shape eg. head and eyes looks very much like Catomola (genus) to me.
donhe wrote:
   7 Mar 2023
Donald's photo has only vestiges of the white lines. Maybe the white lines wear off easily, and this is a fresh specimen?
donhe wrote:
   8 Mar 2023
Added Catamola xanthomelalis to CNM., and CNM says Catamela xanthomelas already exists, but neither comes up in Quick Search !
ibaird wrote:
   8 Mar 2023
Looks OK from where I'm sitting. Such issues can be reported directly to Aaron Claasen or michaelb.

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Species information

  • Catamola xanthomelalis Scientific name
  • Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 5 Mar 2023 03:02 PM Recorded on
  • arjay Recorded by

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  • 12mm to 25mm Animal size
  • Alive / healthy Animal health

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