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Varanus rosenbergi

7 Heath or Rosenberg's Monitor at Booth, ACT

Varanus rosenbergi at Booth, ACT - 28 Feb 2023
Varanus rosenbergi at Booth, ACT - 28 Feb 2023
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Identification history

Varanus rosenbergi 1 Mar 2023 CarbonAI
Varanus rosenbergi 1 Mar 2023 aussiestuff

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Significant sighting

1 Mar 2023

This is how to photograph Rosenberg's Goanna

User's notes

Image 1 depicts the left side of the head, Image 2 depicts the right side of the head. This individual did not seem to have a GPS tracker on it. Spotted crossing Boboyan road north of Glendale Picnic area (the location provided to CNM is only an estimate). The Goanna (approx. 1.2 metres long including tail length) was resting/basking on the roadside verge at the time the photos were taken. While the images are close-up (taken with a zoom lens), I kept several metres away and the Goanna was not disturbed.


   1 Mar 2023
Awesome! Excellent face photos Aussiestuff. When there is time I will check these faces against other photos from that area, and photos from Naas Valley and Gudgenby.
   1 Mar 2023
Cheers Don! Excited to hear what you find.
HelenCross wrote:
   1 Mar 2023
Great work @aussiestuff !
   1 Mar 2023
Thanks Helen!

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