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Petaurus notatus

9 Krefft’s Glider, Sugar Glider at Turner, ACT

Petaurus notatus at Turner, ACT - 1 Feb 2023
Petaurus notatus at Turner, ACT - 1 Feb 2023
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Identification history

Petaurus notatus 3 Feb 2023 BelindaWilson
Petaurus notatus 3 Feb 2023 JenEd

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User's notes

This little friend dropped in from our ceiling cavity for a brief visit on Wednesday evening. We've heard them scuttling around, coming and going, for some time.


   3 Feb 2023
Hi Jen, what happened to the little one after these photos were taken? Did you release it back into the cavity, or take it to a vet or wildlife carer? It looks quite young (possibly dependent on its mother), judging by its looks and the fact it didn't seem to be biting you when you handled it.
JenEd wrote:
   3 Feb 2023
We put it back in the ceiling -- do you have a better suggestion? My kids would love to make friends with them. I wondered if it was young -- it was not terribly stressed about being handled, sharp claws, not long enough to leave a scratch, and never tried to bite. I'm just discussing with another friend whether it would be P. norfolcensis or P. notatus -- can you tell?
   3 Feb 2023
You made the right call - the best place for it is always with its family. While it is a nice thought to try to make friends with them, it's important that they maintain their wild behaviours and not become too friendly/dependent on humans (they can become aggressive if they feel entitled to food, for instance).

As for the ID, squirrel gliders have more pointed faces, very bushy tails (do you have a photo of the animal's tail?), high contrast in their fur markings, and are almost double the size of Krefft's/sugar gliders (here is a neat guide from WIRES:
JenEd wrote:
   3 Feb 2023
I can't tell. I think he was smaller than this one: - so possibly quite young. We think the tip of his tail was black, but don't have a photo.
   3 Feb 2023
Hi Jen and Belinda, Many people have been dead keen to find Squirrel Gliders in the ACT or region, for many decades. I do not think they are here any longer, if indeed they ever were. There are no confirmed records. The two old specimen-backed records from Queanbeyan, held at Aust Museum in Sydney, seem to have been freighted to Queanbeyan, rather than collected there. We need an animal in the hand, carefully measured in the way that defines the difference between the species, before spotlight sightings will have much credibility. However, the examples of Long Nosed Bandicoot, and Rosenberg's Goanna show that species can be present but undetected (LNB) or unrecognised (RG) for decades, even in the ACT which is full of biologist employing organisations.

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Location information

Species information

  • Petaurus notatus Scientific name
  • Krefft’s Glider, Sugar Glider Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

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  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 1 Feb 2023 11:15 PM Recorded on
  • JenEd Recorded by

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