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Unidentified at suppressed - 1 Aug 2022
Unidentified at suppressed - 1 Aug 2022
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Unidentified 2 Aug 2022 mahargiani

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User's notes

Grey/white apparent mould on bark of trees (Callitris). Photos are enlargements.


MichaelT wrote:
   4 Aug 2022
They look like desiccated cup fungi of some sort.
mahargiani wrote:
   4 Aug 2022
not a cup fungus. very many of these in this area at the moment. just look like grey patches generally on bark of dead Callitris. i assumed some sort of mould until I took close-up photos, now I'm uncertain..
mahargiani wrote:
   5 Aug 2022
I think it is a lichen. Checked the area today, many specimens on both live and dead Callitris and Bursonia. Have just appeared to be patches of grey mould until recently, they now seem to be producing fruiting bodies, which makes me think that it is a lichen.

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  • 101 - 1,000 Abundance
  • 1 Aug 2022 03:12 PM Recorded on
  • mahargiani Recorded by

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