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Varanus rosenbergi

17 Heath or Rosenberg's Monitor at Watson, ACT

Varanus rosenbergi at Watson, ACT - 3 Mar 2022
Varanus rosenbergi at Watson, ACT - 3 Mar 2022
Varanus rosenbergi at Watson, ACT - 3 Mar 2022
Varanus rosenbergi at Watson, ACT - 3 Mar 2022
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Identification history

Varanus rosenbergi 3 Mar 2022 wombey
Varanus rosenbergi 3 Mar 2022 trevsci

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Significant sighting

3 Mar 2022

Great head shot photos = throwing light on the movement of Rex an Goanna that has bene monitored since 2015 - If you happen to come across a Goanna please try to get images of both sides of the head


   3 Mar 2022
Lovely face photo Trevsci! Annnnd (drum roll), this is Rex, first photographed by Matt Higgins in 2015. He mated with Rosie who produced offspring two years running. All previous sightings of Rex have been almost 4 km further south on the north west aspect of Mt Ainslie. Male home ranges are generally around 2/3 of a square kilometre (66 ha) so this location near the old Majura Horse Paddock indicates he may be on some kind of excursion out of his home range. But we have previously seen those sorts of movements only at mating time (Dec-Jan) and in March-April when they move to winter quarters.
trevsci wrote:
   3 Mar 2022
Hey wow Don thanks for the info, that's awesome you know them by name!
MPennay wrote:
   3 Mar 2022
That's cool thanks for the details Don
   3 Mar 2022
Don is there any significance that Rex is just beginning to shed his old skin? Does it mark a change in season?
   3 Mar 2022
Not as far as I know Michael. Patches come loose throughout the warmer months and when they are growing rapidly.
   4 Mar 2022
This guy is famous, well done Trevor with the sighting and great photos.
trevsci wrote:
   4 Mar 2022
Thanks Matt!
KMcCue wrote:
   5 Mar 2022
So interesting, well spotted and photographed Trevsci.
So either his home range is larger than expected or he is looking for adventure or new real estate.
If the latter, perhaps the human and dog population has driven him and/or his partners away from their base on Mt Ainslie - they did once occupy Black Mountain. Sad if that is the case.
waltraud wrote:
   9 Apr 2022
if you look close the Rm on the feature image has a bite mark at the base of its tail. Unfortunately, people walking their dogs off lead increased during Covid19 and it didn't help that Parks Service ranger positions were culled. Our nature reserves are clearly not managed for their conservation values...

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  • 3 Mar 2022 02:11 PM Recorded on
  • trevsci Recorded by

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