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Anthela (genus) immature

Unidentified Anthelid Moth at suppressed

Anthela (genus) immature at suppressed - 10 Feb 2022
Anthela (genus) immature at suppressed - 10 Feb 2022
Anthela (genus) immature at suppressed - 10 Feb 2022
Anthela (genus) immature at suppressed - 10 Feb 2022
Anthela (genus) immature at suppressed - 10 Feb 2022
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Identification history

Anthela (genus) immature 22 Feb 2022 michaelb
Anthela (genus) adult 11 Feb 2022 ibaird
Anthela acuta 10 Feb 2022 ibaird
Unidentified 10 Feb 2022 LisaH

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User's notes

I was impressed by this caterpillar that we found on a leaf in the rain. (The dog is for size comparison.)


donhe wrote:
   11 Feb 2022
I cannot see if it has any pink verrucae or not.
LisaH wrote:
   11 Feb 2022
I've added another photo of the rear end, if that helps? I've taken segmented photos, and I cannot see any pink? There is a tiny red dot on one of the segments.
donhe wrote:
   11 Feb 2022
OK No obvious characters, so cannot determine the species without rearing it. Did you capture it for rearing?
LisaH wrote:
   11 Feb 2022
Aaaaahhhhhh - I almost did, but got worried because I didn't think I'd know what to feed it etc (childhood memories of unsuccessful captures, I think). Sorry.
donhe wrote:
   12 Feb 2022
If it was wandering about, it was probably mature and seeking only somewhere nice to pupate.
Quite easy to look after. A clean bottle, with dead leaves in the bottom, and fabric across the top held by an elastic band. There are 74 named species in Anthelidae, but we only know the caterpillars of 22 of them. We need people to rear any caterpillars that they find.
LisaH wrote:
   12 Feb 2022
Oh no - I’m so sorry. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, lost. I’m very annoyed with myself. Thank you for educating me for the future.

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Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 10 Feb 2022 03:44 PM Recorded on
  • LisaH Recorded by

Additional information

  • Leaf litter? Associated plant
  • 25mm to 50mm Animal size

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