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Caladenia actensis

7 Canberra spider orchid at suppressed

Caladenia actensis at suppressed - 3 Sep 2021
Caladenia actensis at suppressed - 3 Sep 2021
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Caladenia actensis 3 Sep 2021 MattM
Caladenia actensis 3 Sep 2021 petersan

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waltraud wrote:
   5 Sep 2021
It is really confusing that many specimens that have been recorded on Mt Majura including this Canberra Spider Orchid are somehow placed into Downer (headline with common name). those records do not end on my administrator desk and I have to check manually to find out aboout them.
Really annoying.
petersan wrote:
   5 Sep 2021
Yes, I found this to be a nuisance too.
DerekC wrote:
   5 Sep 2021
I think it would be worth making a technical report by going to 'About' and 'Contact' as I am not sure posting it here will necessarily be seen by those who could make such a change.
MattM wrote:
   5 Sep 2021
Might be worth contacting IT about the issue. They might be able to fix it on their end.
waltraud wrote:
   5 Sep 2021
I sent a couple of reports in past but tech support seems to be not able to fix it; they suggested it is a Google problem.
If you go to the Canberra Spider Orchid species page you will see that the page lists Canberra Central, Downer and Hackett as the places where the species occurs - this is of course incorrect.
It doesn't end there; similar problems exist for other species and other reserves.
Records taken in the middle of Mt Majura nature reserves are landing somehow in Downer, Hackett, Canberra Central and who knows where else. But only records that have Mt Majura or Majura in the common name header will land on my desk for moderation. I won't know about all the other records.
I found the same problem for Mt Ainslie or Black Mountain - for instance, if you choose in CNM Maps / Locations / Places / Downer and then click on Distribution at the top right-hand side many of the supposedly Downer records are actually from Black Mountain and Mts Ainslie / Majura; same if you choose Canberra Central or Hackett ...
I'm in the process of the annual update of Mts Ainslie Majura Flora list. Usually, when I (as the moderator for Mt Majura & Majura) receive a CNM record I'd check it against our list; if not included yet I'd include it. However, because of the above-described glitch, I receive only a small portion of records and won't know about the others including new species records; I realized lately that I have missed many new species. And it is not only about new descriptions of local species - records on CNM alerted us (Friends of mt Majura) to introduced species that have a very high invasive potential - we do not want to miss those either.

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Species information

  • Sensitive
  • Very Rare / Threatened
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 14 Abundance
  • 3 Sep 2021 12:52 PM Recorded on
  • petersan Recorded by

Additional information

  • Less than 10cm Plant height
  • True In flower

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  • More than one media file
  • Confirmed by an expert moderator
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