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Liopholis whitii

1 White's Skink at Wog Wog, NSW

Liopholis whitii at Wog Wog, NSW - 24 Apr 2021
Liopholis whitii at Wog Wog, NSW - 24 Apr 2021
Liopholis whitii at Wog Wog, NSW - 24 Apr 2021
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Liopholis whitii 2 May 2021 WillO
Liopholis whitii 1 May 2021 BIrdsinCanberra

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User's notes

There was movement beneath a large stone where a White’s Skink had carefully stuck its head out from under the rock. It seemed to withdraw back under the rock before once again sticking its head and more of its body out. Finally it shot out from the rock into a small clump of short vegetation. There it paused in semi-concealment. Whether I scared it or the skink wanted to head off, it darted diagonally forward to its right under another large rock where I could no longer see it.

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