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Trichaulax philipsii

7 Grey-furrowed rose chafer at Burra, NSW

Trichaulax philipsii at Burra, NSW - 16 Jan 2021
Trichaulax philipsii at Burra, NSW - 16 Jan 2021
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Identification history

Trichaulax philipsii 21 Feb 2021 KimPullen
Trichaulax philipsii 19 Jan 2021 michaelb
Trichaulax macleayi 18 Jan 2021 AlisonMilton
Unidentified 18 Jan 2021 Safarigirl

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   18 Jan 2021
If I am correct, this is a significant find as they have only been reported on ALA in Far North Queensland. The sighting doesn't yet include a map. Where was this located? Could you also please include size.
Safarigirl wrote:
   19 Jan 2021
Located in Burra. I can see a map. Probably 3-4cm long
   19 Jan 2021
Hi, You can see the map because it's your sighting.
michaelb wrote:
   19 Jan 2021
Excellent sighting, & Hi Alison. I think you couldn't see the location because Safarigirl didn't select beetles, just insects. I've edited the sighting to move it into beetles so you should see the location now.
   19 Jan 2021
Thanks Michael. I guessed that was the reason but I didn't want to confirm as an unidentified beetle. My identification is based on p101 of A Guide to Beetles of Australia by George Hangay and Paul Zborowski.
michaelb wrote:
   19 Jan 2021
Good detective work. Definitely Trichaulax sp. Another possibililty is Trichaulax philipsii, see:
   19 Jan 2021
Probably more likely given its distribution.
michaelb wrote:
   19 Jan 2021
Thanks Alison, I'll add that as a suggestion too. Kim can decide.

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  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 16 Jan 2021 02:17 PM Recorded on
  • Safarigirl Recorded by

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