Eriococcidae sp. on Eucalyptus blakelyi

Felted scale on Eucalyptus blakelyi at Hackett, ACT

Eriococcidae sp. on Eucalyptus blakelyi at Hackett, ACT - 22 Nov 2020
Eriococcidae sp. on Eucalyptus blakelyi at Hackett, ACT - 22 Nov 2020
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Eriococcidae sp. on Eucalyptus blakelyi 12 Dec 2020 michaelb
Eriococcidae sp. (family) 30 Nov 2020 michaelb
Unidentified 23 Nov 2020 cmobbs

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User's notes

I cam across a number of small Eucalyptus blakelyi today with very thick infestation of fungi? or invertebrates (scale insects??) covering much of the trunk. The attached photos show one trunk totally covered, while the other photo shows individual organisms. They are about 10-13mm long, 2mm wide and 1mm thick, with a white slightly gritty surface. When scrapped, the material has a slight brown-red colour - I could not detect any odour nor see any insects. The trees in question are in Bragg St park Hackett and on Mt Majura behind Mackenzie St.


michaelb wrote:
   25 Nov 2020
These appear to be insects, possibly Scale insects. I have a Eucalyptus blakelyi at home which is covered in the same way.
michaelb wrote:
   25 Nov 2020
I've had a closer look at my tree. There are tiny flat insects with legs as well so I think they may be mealy bugs.

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  • 101 - 1,000 Abundance
  • 22 Nov 2020 01:34 AM Recorded on
  • cmobbs Recorded by

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  • Eucalyptus blakelyi Associated plant
  • Less than 5mm Animal size

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