Euophryinae sp.(Undescribed) (subfamily)

1 A jumping spider at Latham, ACT

Euophryinae sp.(Undescribed) (subfamily) at Latham, ACT - 22 Jul 2020
Euophryinae sp.(Undescribed) (subfamily) at Latham, ACT - 22 Jul 2020
Euophryinae sp.(Undescribed) (subfamily) at Latham, ACT - 22 Jul 2020
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Euophryinae sp.(Undescribed) (subfamily) 27 Jul 2020 MichaelMulvaney
Maratus vespertilio 23 Jul 2020 trevorpreston
Jotus auripes 22 Jul 2020 Roger

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Roger wrote:
   23 Jul 2020
Thanks for that - I struggle with female jumping spiders. I'm still not sure - all the images I've seen of Maratus vespertillo have longitudinal black stripes on a brown cephalothorax, rather than the orange colour with a mottled pattern here. Also, the strong white band laterally on the cephalothorax isn't a feature of the Maratus. Thoughts?
trevorpreston wrote:
   23 Jul 2020
Im certainly no expert, i simply had a look through the species recorded and this was the best match, but the lack if stripe did concern me. This is my best guess, but im hoping someone with a lot more expertise than me can identify it.
Roger wrote:
   23 Jul 2020
Thanks for that, lets see what other people come up with.
   27 Jul 2020
I was clueless over this one so asked advice from Stuart Harris who said "I'd be inclined to go with the initial ID of J. auripes. The classic view of a female M. vespertilio is from behind to see the large lateral white band to the posterior of her abdomen. Unfortunately only one pic here from the front. Legs 3, indicative of Maratus, do not seem long, or angled enough. I'd go with Jotus auripes but as none of us are 100% then maybe subfamily Euophryinae (contains Maratus, Saratus, Saitis, Jotus, et al) would be best bet.
Good sighting regardless as quite early for emergence. This season is seeing some early starters in both flora and fauna."
Roger wrote:
   27 Jul 2020
Thanks Michael, if it helps, I have added 2 more images to the sighting which i probably should have done in the first place.

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  • 2 Abundance
  • 22 Jul 2020 02:45 PM Recorded on
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