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Callocephalon fimbriatum

2 Gang-gang Cockatoo at suppressed

Callocephalon fimbriatum at suppressed - 4 Jan 2020
Callocephalon fimbriatum at suppressed - 4 Jan 2020
Callocephalon fimbriatum at suppressed - 4 Jan 2020
Callocephalon fimbriatum at suppressed - 4 Jan 2020
Callocephalon fimbriatum at suppressed - 4 Jan 2020
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Identification history

Callocephalon fimbriatum 4 Jan 2020 tmartine
Callocephalon fimbriatum 4 Jan 2020 BIrdsinCanberra

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Significant sighting

5 Jan 2020

1st recorded Gang Gang nesting site from Federal Golf Course

Author's notes

Pair arrived 7:28 but stayed quiet, the female in the tree with the hollow, the male in a different tree. 4 SCCs were looking at hollows in the GG hollow tree but they did not go to the GG hollow. Another GG pair arrived at 7:47 but only stayed a couple of minutes. They made some noise but not the original pair, nor was there any confrontation between the pairs. At 7:51 the original pair flew to 2nd tree 10m away, where they commenced preening after 5 mins. They then came together for mutual preening. The male chased off a Galah that landed in 1st tree but not SCCs, even when 2 landed at the GG hollow. Those SCCs then went to hollow opposite the GG hollow where one of the SCCs went inside. The male flew back to the original tree but not to hollow. The female flew back but stayed away from the hollow. At 8:30 the female went to the hollow but did not go in, before flying to a branch. A minute later, a male nestling appeared but there was no interaction with the adults.


jennyt wrote:
   5 Jan 2020
Great photos as usual, Jon. Exciting to have proof of nestling in that area.
   5 Jan 2020
Many thanks Jenny for the kind words and great work by Flutteringsparrow2 to find this hollow. Cheers
   5 Jan 2020
Great photos Jon and thanks to you and Clare for confirming this observation the 6th site of the season, we may get up to ten or so - so it is a pretty special sighting
   6 Jan 2020
Many thanks Michael. Yes, hopefully a few more successful sightings to come. Cheers

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