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Dacelo novaeguineae

Laughing Kookaburra at suppressed

Dacelo novaeguineae at suppressed - 16 Nov 2019
Dacelo novaeguineae at suppressed - 16 Nov 2019
Dacelo novaeguineae at suppressed - 16 Nov 2019
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Identification history

Dacelo novaeguineae 27 Nov 2019 RyuCallaway
Dacelo novaeguineae 24 Nov 2019 BIrdsinCanberra

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Author's notes

In approaching a hollow I had previously seen coming under the attention of birds (tree 19), I thought I could see something white inside. I photographed the hollow from a distance and only when I was processing the shot did I see it was most likely the crown of a kookaburra. I basically confirmed the species when I saw a kookaburra fly onto a branch near the hollow before it quickly moved inside. Unfortunately, I was too slow to get the shot and the bird did not re-emerge while I waited with my camera ready. The majority of these shots are of a quiet kookaburra in the general area that may have been a bird using the hollow. I only saw one kookaburra in the immediate area.

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