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Cygnus atratus

Black Swan at suppressed

Cygnus atratus at suppressed - 12 Sep 2019
Cygnus atratus at suppressed - 12 Sep 2019
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Cygnus atratus 13 Sep 2019 michaelb
Cygnus atratus 12 Sep 2019 AlisonMilton

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michaelb wrote:
   13 Sep 2019
Hi Alison
Please correct the location which is on Eyre St, Kingston
   14 Sep 2019
Sorry, I've found the GPS can be out on my camera.
michaelb wrote:
   14 Sep 2019
It is a common problem for most users - sometimes the cameras don't link up with enough satellites.

My camera tells me how many satellites are linked in for each photo. The more satellites that are involved the greater the accuracy. If there are only a few then the location may be out by several hundred metres or more, but if there are about 10 linked in then it can be as accurate as only a few metres.

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Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 2 Abundance
  • 12 Sep 2019 03:10 PM Recorded on
  • AlisonMilton Recorded by

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  • True Nesting site

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