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Eurystomus orientalis

1 Dollarbird at suppressed

Eurystomus orientalis at suppressed - 29 Dec 2018
Eurystomus orientalis at suppressed - 29 Dec 2018
Eurystomus orientalis at suppressed - 29 Dec 2018
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Eurystomus orientalis 1 Jan 2019 RyuCallaway
Eurystomus orientalis 1 Jan 2019 BIrdsinCanberra

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Author's notes

I walked past the trees where the Dollarbirds normally are at this time of year. There was a lot of calling and I visually counted three birds, with a possible fourth calling but not readily visible. I am guessing it was possibly two pairs. There seemed to be times of louder, accelerated calling, which I took as an effort to establish ownership of a nesting hollow. I had a good scan of two trees with binoculars, looking from the east, but I could not see any hollow. The photos show the three different Dollarbirds, not that I can tell them apart.


JackyF wrote:
   2 Jan 2019
Great photos thanks. A pair is definitely nesting here. Yesterday I was swooped fiercely four times in a row when I stopped to take a photo. They were there again this evening as usual. They have been in these trees consistently all summer and also last summer.
   2 Jan 2019
Many thanks Jacky, I will be back out there soon to see if I can finally see their hollow.

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