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Olearia montana

Tinderry, NSW

Olearia montana at Tinderry, NSW - 3 Nov 2017
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Identification history

Olearia montana 8 Nov 2017 MichaelMulvaney
Olearia montana 6 Nov 2017 BettyDonWood
Unidentified 6 Nov 2017 Lesleyishiyama

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   7 Nov 2017
Someone with a permit should get a specimen of this to the herbarium. I have not seen it in situ and got to the ID from the key in Plantnet. If it is this species, it is a NSW endemic, so not in Vicflora. I am not worrying too much that the 'petals' appear white in the photo, whereas the Plantnet description says they are mauve.
   8 Nov 2017
Hi Betty, this plant has mauve flowers. The photo does not do it justice. Who should I contact from the herbarium? Thanks so much
   8 Nov 2017
I have emailed Brendan Liepschki at the herbarium, with a link to this sighting.
   8 Nov 2017
Thanks Betty, the property owner will be excited :-)
   9 Nov 2017
Keith McDougall of NSW Office of Environment and Heritage said "I think suggested ID is correct. Purple disk florets, toothed leaves, numerous ray florets. And O. montana is found in the Tinderrys, where it can be locally common and is a tallish shrub. Can’t think of alternatives.
   9 Nov 2017
Thanks Michael :-)
   9 Nov 2017
Dave Albrecht from the Herbarium said: Brendan Lepschi passed on your email regarding the Olearia image on Canberra Nature Map. The plant does look to be Olearia montana. Salient features are the toothed alternate leaves with a yellow-brown indumentum on the underside, inflorescence (of heads) mostly terminating short lateral shoots and purple disc florets. Herbarium collections have been made from very close to where the photograph was taken.
   11 Nov 2017
Thank you very much Betty and Dave, Keith and Michael :-)

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Location information

Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 101 - 1,000 Abundance
  • 3 Nov 2017 10:14 AM Recorded on
  • Lesleyishiyama Recorded by

Additional information

  • True In flower
  • 30cm to 1 metre Plant height

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