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Showcase your organisation as a brand that is committed to nature positive outcomes.

Partnering with NatureMapr provides prominent, high traffic placement for organisations who want to support positive biodiversity and biosecurity outcomes for Australia.

Differentiate your brand and demonstrate your commitment to protecting Australia's incredible plant and animal species.

By partnering with NatureMapr, you are also helping support an innovative, home grown Aussie software platform that is committed to delivering high quality environmental outcomes.

NatureMapr can also provide tailored educational packages to schools and data access packages to ecological consultants for the purposes of informing environmental assessment reports.

Key figures

Every month, NatureMapr receives and/or generates:

  • 50,000+ unique monthly visitors
  • 1 million+ views
  • 160,000+ email alerts sent
  • 15,000+ new biodiversity records fed through to decision makers

Regional financial partner or local council ($10,000 + GST / annum)

  • Prominent regional home page link and logo placement
  • Setup local reserves as polygon maps
  • Setup local priority species lists with real time alerts
  • Setup organisation staff as "blue tick" verified officers
  • Setup trusted local experts as "green tick" moderators
  • API data feed setup (or feed from relevant state biodiversity repository)

Land manager umbrella organisation (contact us)

  • Prominent regional and/or national home page link and logo placement
  • Setup up landholder polygon maps for participating landholders
  • Dedicated landholder hub instance with rich capability and downloadable PDF impact metrics

Major financial partner ($100k to $250k + GST / annum)

  • Prominent regional and national home page link and logo placement
  • Prominent global email template placement
  • Recognition and promotion and inclusion in key correspondence and social media

Enquire now

Contact us to enquire about partnering with NatureMapr.

Please note: limited partnership positions are available due to limited home page real estate.

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