Another eucalypt fungus to look out for

Posted by MichaelMulvaney

 3 Jul 2024

We asked you to be watchful for the exotic and invasive Myrtle Rust that infects plants in the Myrtaceae family. It is recognisable by its bright yellow spores on new leaves, stems, flowers, or fruit of eucalypts, leptospermums, angopheras or other members of the Myrtaceae. Fortunately we have no records in the Canberra Nature Map Region, but it is fairly widespread along the NSW coast. 

However, the search for Myrtle Rust has led to the recording of another, but this time native, pathonogenic eucalypt fungus, Pseudosydowia eucalypti. This fungus has devasted planted Blue Gums (Eucalyptus globulus) in California, USA, and has infected and killed a few of Canberra's planted Blue Gums.

It infects eucalypt leaves and twigs and creates yellowish blotches, see:

Please record on NatureMapr any sightings you come across as it will help determine if and how we need to manage for it.

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