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Two new daisies for the ACT

 7 Oct 2020

Woolly-heads (Myriocephalus rhizocephalus) and Small Wrinklewort (Siloxerus multiflorus) have both  recently been found for the first time in the ACT (Mulligans Flat and Goorooyaroo). They are tiny daisies with cauliflower shaped flower heads surrounded by threadlike leaves, stems and bracts. They like moist, but well drained and open areas and shrivel up when it becomes dry. The northern grassland and woodland reserves are possible habitat so keep your eyes out for these locally rare plants making the most of a good Spring,



   7 Oct 2020
See also https://canberra.naturemapr.org/sightings/4349374. Thanks to Sue McIntyre for discovering this one.
   8 Oct 2020
That's awesome news.

This is a very good season in general to be finding species that may not have flowered for a long time.
EmmaCook wrote:
   11 Oct 2020
I need to edit my Siloxerus multiflorus sighting - it only shows one photo in the entry, but let me upload 3 when I first added it *shrug*
SamCol wrote:
   28 Oct 2020
Shame I don't live in the ACT anymore. I am still happy for all of you ACT residents, who can spot the two new daisies in the ACT. I will keeping a close eye on CNM for them. That is very good news though!

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