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Unidentified at Suppressed - 18 Jun 2019
Unidentified at Suppressed - 18 Jun 2019
Unidentified at Suppressed - 18 Jun 2019

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Sorry Laura, this is difficult to ID from the photos.
Insufficient or inconclusive evidence 29 Sep 2019 michaelb


Unidentified 17 Jun 2019 laura.williams

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Author's notes

Old seed heads retained on the plant. Very small grass, bulbous base. In a grazed pasture with Eragrostis curvula, Eragrostis brownii, Austrostipa etc

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michaelb wrote:
   12 Jul 2019
Hi Laura
You say the location was in a grazed pasture, but the map shows it on the top of a building in Dickson. Can you please fix the location?
Also are you sure the seed heads are from the grass plant? They don't look like grass seed heads.

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Sighting information

  • 16 - 100 Abundance
  • 17 Jun 2019 Recorded on
  • laura.williams Recorded by

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