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OrchidDiuris sulphurea

Tiger orchid at Bywong, NSW

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Diuris sulphurea at Bywong, NSW - 8 Nov 2010
Diuris sulphurea at Bywong, NSW - 8 Nov 2010

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Author's notes

A large and tight colony of approximately 90-100 plants at the entrance to Mac's Reef tip. The colony was unnecessarily destroyed by damage peripheral to roadworks to the new transfer station, despite notifying Palerang Council of its location.


TonyWoodFounding Explorer - TonyWood joined us in 2014! wrote:
   14 Nov 2017
A nice looking specimen. Do I understand you correctly and that the colony has been destroyed since the pic was taken?
VaranusMultiple Significant Sightings - Varanus has made multiple, recognised, significant sightings and is a true NatureMapr! wrote:
   14 Nov 2017
Unfortunately the answer is yes, Tony. I told Palerang Council about the colony (in which there were many plants like in the close-up). They did not need to destroy them, but as usual the damage created unnecessarily each side of a minor roadwork site took them all out.
TonyWoodFounding Explorer - TonyWood joined us in 2014! wrote:
   14 Nov 2017
Very sad. I don't kow we avoid this sort of thing happening again.
   20 Nov 2017
Thanks Tony and Geoff - I have been meaning to talk to all the environment officers within the surrounding councils about Canberra Nature Map and how they can use it to avoid unnecessary destruction of important plants and other wildlife - this has given me new impetus to arrange those meetings

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Location information

Species information

  • Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 100 Abundance
  • True In flower
  • 10cm to 30cm Plant height (m)
  • 8 Nov 2010 Recorded on
  • Varanus Recorded by

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