SkinkEulamprus heatwolei

Yellow-bellied Water-skink at Namadgi National Park

Eulamprus heatwolei at Namadgi National Park - 8 Feb 2018

Identification history

Skink Eulamprus heatwolei 8 Feb 2018 WillO
Skink Eulamprus tympanum 8 Feb 2018 KMcCue276


wombey129 wrote:
   8 Feb 2018
It seems to be heatwolei, what is your view Will?
WillO wrote:
   9 Feb 2018
Yes agreed this is most likely heatwolei - however the photo is not very clear. I can just make out that golden-coloured stripe above the eye. In the area where the photo was taken tympanum is likely to occur only in the coldest low-lying (frost hollow) sites in bogs if that helps. WillO.

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Myiagra cyanoleuca at Namadgi National Park - 8 Feb 2018

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Location information

Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 8 Feb 2018 12:52 PM Recorded on
  • KMcCue Recorded by
  • Website Reported via
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