Other WildflowerSedum caespitosum  

Tiny Stonecrop at Stirling, ACT

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Sedum caespitosum at Stirling, ACT - 20 Oct 2016
Sedum caespitosum at Stirling, ACT - 20 Oct 2016
Sedum caespitosum at Stirling, ACT - 20 Oct 2016

Identification history

Other Wildflower Sedum caespitosum 1 Mar 2017 MichaelMulvaney1.1K
Other Wildflower Sedum sp. 1 Mar 2017 BettyDonWood757
Other Wildflower Crassula sp. 1 Mar 2017 BettyDonWood757
Unidentified 29 Oct 2016 Mirri59

Significant sighting

MichaelMulvaney1.1K noted:
1 Mar 2017

This is the first record of this plant in the ACT. Native to the Mediterranean, it was first recorded as naturalised in New South Wales in 2009 from near Orange and more recently in 2014 from near Goulburn. It is capable of becoming a major roadside weed and possibly other areas.


Heino wrote:
   21 Nov 2016
A flowering plant, not a cryptogam.
RussellB wrote:
   22 Feb 2017
This will be a Crassula (Crassulaceae), but I don't recognise the species.
Mirri59 wrote:
   22 Feb 2017
Crassula. Thanks. It was tiny, growing near old basketball court. I will take more notice this coming Spring.
BettyDonWood757 wrote:
   1 Mar 2017
The flowers look more like Sedum. I am not familiar enough with introduced plants in the family Crassulaceae to make a judgement call between Sedum and Crassula.
MichaelMulvaney1.1K wrote:
   2 Mar 2017
This potentially significant weed also occurs in Victoria. Steve/Jenny worth eradicating this plant if possible let me know if you need assistance. A paper on its NSW naturalisation can be found at
MichaelMulvaney1.1K wrote:
   2 Mar 2017
Beth - thanks for this very significant posting - it had us stumped for a long time as it is a new one for the ACT and pretty new for NSW. Have the numbers expanded since October?
Mirri59 wrote:
   2 Mar 2017
Hi Michael. I haven't noticed any since this sighting. I presumed the plant died back after flowering as in January there was no trace of the plant I photographed. I will make a point of having a closer look around over the next few days. Occasional weed spraying happens so perhaps it has been poisoned.
MichaelMulvaney1.1K wrote:
   3 Mar 2017
Thanks Beth, would appreciate advice on what you find

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Location information

  • Coordinates 149.047600-35.349930
  • Altitude 588.1m
  • Places Stirling, ACT

Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Exotic
  • Medium Weed or Pest

Sighting information

  • 16 - 100 Abundance
  • 20 Oct 2016 Recorded on
  • Mirri59 Recorded by
  • Mobile app Reported via
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