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Unidentified at suppressed - 28 Apr 2020
Unidentified at suppressed - 28 Apr 2020
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Unable to confirm this sighting. Possibilities include a number of things (see comments). Highly likely not even a bird.
Insufficient or inconclusive evidence 25 Aug 2020 natureguy
Pardalotus punctatus 30 Apr 2020 ruthkerruish

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Author's notes

The picture is probably not welcome but these holes have been present for at least 2 years in this heap of clay and seem to slowly increase in number. I once saw a pardalote in the area. I am familiar with other pardalote nests in clay but this heap of clay is exposed. What else could cause such holes but if they are are likely to be pardalote nests i would like this sighting suppressed.


michaelb wrote:
   1 May 2020
If you want the location hidden all you have to do is click on nesting site, which I have done.
   1 May 2020
Did you see the birds in question? If not, I would suggest this is unlikely to be a pardalote nest, maybe perhaps an echidna making the holes? This looks to be a flat surface and pardalote nests tend to have a side opening, probably to stop rain and other objects from falling in.
michaelb wrote:
   1 May 2020
Ryu's suggestion of echidna makes sense.
   1 May 2020
What is to say it is not a walking pole or umbrella?
   2 May 2020
Hi Ruth. On closer inspection it does not seem likely to be artificial (human origin). Pretty sure it is not echidna or pardelote. Not even sure it is animal in origin. I will probably try to take a look sometime (hoping the location you posted was accurate) and will take a small burrow scope. Thanks for the puzzle!

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  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 28 Apr 2020 04:35 PM Recorded on
  • ruthkerruish Recorded by

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