Other ShrubPolyscias sambucifolia

Elderberry Panax at Tinderry, NSW

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Polyscias sambucifolia at Tinderry, NSW - 3 Nov 2017
Polyscias sambucifolia at Tinderry, NSW - 3 Nov 2017
Polyscias sambucifolia at Tinderry, NSW - 3 Nov 2017

Identification history

Other Shrub Polyscias sambucifolia 6 Jan 2018 MichaelMulvaneyMultiple Significant Sightings - MichaelMulvaney has made multiple, recognised, significant sightings and is a true NatureMapr!Ultra Reporter - MichaelMulvaney has reported over 500 sightings!Founding Explorer - MichaelMulvaney joined us in 2014!
Unidentified 12 Nov 2017 Lesleyishiyama


   19 Nov 2017
Lesley a bit hard to tell from the photo what this one is. a close-up of the leaves would be good - my first guess is River Lomita - Do yo think that this Id is likely?
   20 Nov 2017
Hi Michael, I don't think so because the river lomatia was also there and I id'd that separately. I think this may be a type of acacia?
   6 Jan 2018
This is a probable rather than definitive identification. It is possibly the long-leaved sub-species of Polyscias sambucifolia
   7 Jan 2018
When I blew photo 2 up I could definitely see it had compound leaves, as in Polyscias sambucifolia, and there was no sign of teeth on the leaflet edges. I am happy to make this a definite iD.
Like Michael, I would have liked a decent closeup of a leaf or two on a stem, on a background like a plain T-shirt if it difficult to get a shot of a single leaf, before committing myself to subspecies. If you are in the area when it is flowering, a shot of the flowers on this plant added to this sighting would be good.
   7 Jan 2018
Thank you very much Michael and Don and Betty. Much appreciated :-)

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Location information

  • Coordinates 149.272778-35.741667
  • Altitude 1268.0m
  • Locations Tinderry, NSW

Species information

  • Not sensitive
  • Local Native

Sighting information

  • 101 - 1,000 Abundance
  • Lesleyishiyama Recorded by
  • 3 Nov 2017 Recorded on
  • Website Reported via
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