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Varanus wrote:
22 min ago
Actinobole uliginosum is from western NSW. Probably unlikely, but the closest match that I could get from the images given their quality.

roymcdMultiple Significant Sightings - roymcd has made multiple, recognised, significant sightings and is a true NatureMapr!Bulk Reporter - roymcd has reported over 100 sightings! wrote:
thanks for the ID suggestions, I'm sorry I don't have any better photos, maybe I'll go back next summer for a second attempt. Kind regards, Roy.

Thanks Jenny - Yes a bad one that I will warn the depot at Mitchell about - will be good to get on top of it - I'll dig it out this week

Daisy Gazania linearis (Gazania)
Mike is this the first time this bank has been slashed?

Other Shrub Westringia eremicola (Slender Westringia)
HeinoFounding Explorer - Heino joined us in 2014! wrote:
I'm pretty sure that I haven't seen this species but Ken has and I go with his identification.

Fungus Cortinarius austroalbidus (Australian White Webcap)
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