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ChrisDavey wrote:
49 min ago
This one has me stumped. I note the white outer tail feathers, so Robin is a possibility. Alison, do you have any other images of this bird. Chri...

cf17 wrote:
50 min ago
The tags I've seen were just like in the photo - 3 digit black numbers on white bands That led me to a study where they banded choughs...

Other - magpie or larger Corcorax melanorhamphos (White-winged Chough)
RWPurdieMultiple Significant Sightings - RWPurdie has made multiple, recognised, significant sightings and is a true NatureMapr!Bulk Reporter - RWPurdie has reported over 100 sightings!Founding Explorer - RWPurdie joined us in 2014! wrote:
2 hrs ago
More likely to be Senecio phelleus at this location.

MikeMultiple Significant Sightings - Mike has made multiple, recognised, significant sightings and is a true NatureMapr!Ultra Reporter - Mike has reported over 500 sightings!Founding Explorer - Mike joined us in 2014! wrote:
3 hrs ago
So should I leave the elms in Isaacs Ridge and Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserves?

Parrot Polytelis swainsonii (Superb Parrot)
3 hrs ago
Cockoos aren't my thing but agree fan-tailed best fit

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