BeeExoneura sp. (genus)

1 A reed bee at ANBG

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Exoneura sp. (genus) at ANBG - 18 Apr 2017
Exoneura sp. (genus) at ANBG - 18 Apr 2017
Exoneura sp. (genus) at ANBG - 18 Apr 2017

Identification history

Bee Exoneura sp. (genus) 19 Apr 2017 michael.batley Confirmed
Bee Exoneura sp. (genus) 19 Apr 2017 PeterA Suggested


PeterA wrote:
   20 Apr 2017
Exoneura melaena
   20 Apr 2017
The taxonomy of Exoneura species is in an unsatisfactory state. Many names were created by Tarlton Rayment and it is almost certain that a large number will eventually be synonymised. In addition, there has, in the past, been confusion about the true type specimens. For that reason most people familiar with the genus suggest that attempting to assign a species name to any given specimen is not presently a useful exercise.
PeterA wrote:
   20 Apr 2017
Thanks for that clarification, Michael. I have a number of Exoneura specimens that I have been struggling to identify using PaDIL - the defining characteristics do not seem to be all that clear.
RogerFFounding Explorer - RogerF joined us in 2014! wrote:
   20 Apr 2017
I have been observing bees feeding at the flowers of this particular euc (C.peltata) in the ANBG car park and have noticed that even after all the flowers have fallen, nectar continues to be produced in the capsules, attracting numerous bees and wasps, especially honey bees.
PeterA wrote:
   21 Apr 2017
I saw the C. peltata in full flower and again recently at the end of flowering - as you say, lots of bees, even on the capsules! I collected about 15 different native species, but only managed to get photos of a few. Mainly honey bees there now, and ants. Certainly an insect magnet.

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