Fungus / Moss / LiverwortAmanita sp.

A mushroom at Macquarie, ACT

Amanita sp. at Macquarie, ACT - 20 Mar 2017

Identification history

Fungus / Moss / Liverwort Amanita sp. 21 Mar 2017 HeinoFounding Explorer - Heino joined us in 2014! Confirmed
Fungus / Moss / Liverwort Amanita sp. 21 Mar 2017 HeinoFounding Explorer - Heino joined us in 2014! Suggested
Unidentified 20 Mar 2017 NathanaelCSignificant Sighting - NathanaelC has made a recognised, significant sighting! Pending ID

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HeinoFounding Explorer - Heino joined us in 2014! wrote:
   21 Mar 2017
There are a number of grey-capped species of Amanita in our area. When still in the button stage this species of Amanita has a universal veil, a membrane that encloses the entire mushroom. As the stem extends that veil is broken, with one part left as a somewhat cup-like surround (or volva) around the base of the stem. Typically, a volva is largely buried. Here you can see the raggedy edge of the volva, not very well at the front and on the right of the stem where it is low and in shadow, but easily on the left of the stem, where the light catches what looks like a bit of loose membrane that is separated from the stem by a very narrow channel. The rest of the universal veil is left on the cap as a membranous layer. As the cap opens out that membranous layer breaks into irregular fragments and you can see a few dirty grey-whitish fragments on the soil-free area of the cap. There'd probably be a few more still under the bits of soil.

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  • Coordinates 149.067778-35.250833
  • Altitude 618.0m

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