CNM leads to a revision of ACT rare and uncommon plant list

 25 August 2017


In 2013 the Flora and Fauna Committee established a draft list of 317 plants species thought to be rare or uncommon in the ACT. Since then much survey, record checking and use of citizen science has documented the abundance and distribution of these plants within the ACT. Canberra Nature Map records from the last three years,  actually doubled the number of ACT “rare and uncommon” plant records collected over the previous 110 years.

The revision includes

removing 54 plants from the list as they are now considered to be common while 18 species (mainly plants recently recorded in the ACT for the first time) have been added to the list.  170 species meet criteria for consideration as rare and 109 species are considered as data deficient.  Canberra Nature Mappers  will be asked to look out for these species at times when they are likely to be most noticeable.

Thanks for your great efforts that enable us to focus on those plants that need the help.






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