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Achyra massalis


The caterpillars can be agricultural pests, attacking grain such as  Pearl Millet. By day they rest in a web in the soil by a foodplant, emerging to feed on the plant at night.

Moth: light to dark brown forewings, each with a dark submarginal band, and dark marginal fringes. Each forewing also has an elongated dark spot near the middle. The moth has a wingspan up to 2 cms.

The species is found over much of the tropics, including:  La Réunion,  Namibia,
 as well as in Australia in  Western Australia,  Queensland, and  New South Wales.

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Achyra massalis (Ombava) at Conder, ACT - 31 Oct 2019 by michaelb
Achyra massalis (Ombava) at Conder, ACT - 31 Oct 2019 by michaelb


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Species information

  • Achyra massalis Scientific name
  • Ombava Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Minor Weed or Pest
  • 620m Recorded at altitude
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