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Cryptoblepharus pannosus

Ragged Snake-eyed Skink

The Ragged Snake-eyed Skink (Cryptoblepharus pannosus) is light to dark grey with a series of pale and dark flecks, arranged into a longitudinally-aligned pattern. The limbs and digits are elongated, and the body is flattened. It grows to 40 mm and is arboreal (tree-dwelling) and saxicolous (rock-dwelling), although it can be found on fallen timber and occasionally on the ground. It is a fast-moving species, often quickly retreating into a crevice if disturbed.

Historically confined to the interior of the state with natural occurences in the west of the region, like around Gundagai. There is a small population of Cryptoblepharus sp. in Canberra (said to be C. pannosus) that is most probably a result of accidental translocation. There are also a couple of scattered records of this species in the east of the region that are similarly, almost surely a result of accidental translocation by anthropomorphic means. These out of natural range records look to be either Cryptoblepharus pannosus or the very similar looking C. australis, which are difficult to tell apart, as it requires very close examination of the soles of the feet (colour and extent of keeling on lamellae) and counting the scales immediately above the eyes (five supraciliary scales in C. pannosus, and six in C. australis).


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5 supraciliary scales

Species information

  • Cryptoblepharus pannosus Scientific name
  • Ragged Snake-eyed Skink Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
  • 0m to 307.21m Recorded at altitude
  • Synonyms

    Cryptoblepharus carnabyi

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