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Physalacria aff. bambusae

A Physalacria bambusae fruiting body consists of a whitish, hollow head, a millimetre or so in diameter, atop a very short stem. The head may be globose to somewhat conical, has a very thin wall and has numerous short, projecting bristles. Identification of a specimen of Physalacria to species requires a microscopic examination. To call a specimen Physalacria aff. bambusae is to say that it very much resembles Physalacria bambusae but that there is still some doubt as to whether it is this species.

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Physalacria aff. bambusae at Macquarie, ACT - 9 Feb 2016 by Heino
Physalacria aff. bambusae at Macquarie, ACT - 9 Feb 2016 by Heino


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